I was born in northern part of the Philippines and raised in Manila, I believe that we are all born with a gift which for me, until now I’m still trying to figure out what really it is. I feel like life is an everyday learning and exploring process. Growing up, I used to sketch, draw and paint a lot. I grew up joining almost every open art competition in the city but never got a first place award. Art, music and sports became my passion. Ever since I was a kid, I see myself of becoming a painter, a pilot or an engineer. I was fortunate to explore my childhood without limits but with discipline. I can go along with anyone except narcissist, self-centered, egotistical, self-absorbed and boring people. I’m very open with everyone and I can mingle to anyone but I will still stand for what I believe in. I also like talking to smart and older people because I know for a fact that they are ahead with experience and I will be able to acquire a lot of lessons from them. I love listening with other people’s stories (specially the successful ones). It’s not because they are successful but knowing the journey and hardships they walk through to become successful is my interest. As Booker Washington says,

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

I got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Digital Arts in 2008. I was lucky to experience to become an entrepreneur earlier during my university days as well. Me and my friend put up a small IT company which provides website and software development. Proud and with pride to swim with the big fishes in the industry until 2 months before my graduation, opportunity knocks to go out of my comfort zone which is an option to move to Dubai. Business is doing well and I’m done with school, I can just enjoy life with my friends and family but I felt I still have a lot of things to learn which is out of the comfort that I have. I wanted to see the bigger picture. I wanted to know how far I can reach with my dreams. I have my vision and goals and I wanted to refine that focus.

Dubai molded me to become more independent and taught me to embrace each cultural differences within my circle and the people I work with. It widens my experience professionally. Got involve with industries such as real estate, hotel, manufacturing and tech companies. Been doing entrepreneurial dealing as well in print art and apparel industry. I ‘am a proud student of Interaction Design Foundation founded in 2002 in Denmark. Now, I’m more focus practicing expertise in User Centered Design which is a process of designing a tool, such as a products or application’s user interface, from the perspective of how it will be understood and used by human.

I always believe that you do not need to compete with others to become the best. It’s not a competition. It is always a learning process for yourself. You need to work hard to always become better than what you are than yesterday.

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