BYAHE: A Typographic Exploration

An alternative lettering workshop inspired by the traditional Philippine jeepney signs. A collaborative project of Ape Creative and FN Designs Gallery. Alserkal Avenue, Dubai UAE

“Byahe”, a Filipino word for “travel” or “trip”.

Get to know the history.
The art of signage has a long colourful tradition. Long before the advent of digital technology, Sign painters and their craft have dominated the streets with their communiqué, their handmade type used to capture the public’s eye and imagination with a barrage of choices – what to do, where to eat, which brand to buy, where to go – destinations, possibilities, all outlined beautifully in painstakingly space-out letters. -ape



Getting ready.

Paint materials.

The group.

Sketching the journey of where I came from and where I’am today.

Tracing out.

Break time. Lime tree special.


Final draft.


The second impression.

The first coat.


On display as an installation piece.

Panoramic view.

Some paintings at the gallery.

Work in progress…