Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is part of the Colorado River basin which has developed over the past 40 million years.

I want to feel how it feels to live here.

Everyone is going on the same direction.

Sup woody bear?

The newspaper vending machine.

Car plates from random states.

Looks like a car napped vehicle.

Third icon to canyon rim looks like a symbol for a wifi access.

Unfortunately, you can only try drinking on these during summer.

The cold restrooms.

This is how they do it.

Water is pure and clean.

Follow the arrow sign.


The bus post.

They have a lot of natural gas here.

Free service.

The solar powered rubbish compacting bin.

The dumpster.

The roaming sika deer.

Here comes the bus.

The disabled train.

Assembly point.

The view.

The trail walk.

How can you not love the planet earth?

I don’t know what it’s called.

A piece of heaven on earth.

Sky blue.

Clouds are welcoming.

This is how they communicate.

You can call me Theists.

I’m more than blessed that my eyes can see the real definition of beauty.

The picnic spot.


The directory.

Look for the bear.