Masafi, Fujairah

Masafi is a village located on the edge of the Hajar Mountains in the United Arab Emirates.

Colleagues gear. Look’s like she’s going to the gym.

Camping supplies.


Mutton sausages.

The best things in life are not free.

While watching the bonfire.

Enjoying my barbecue.

Quite hazy.

The tents.

More like a cone.

The vagina couch. After a full night of service.

The spot.


They won the battle.

The bonfire aftermath.

Because we care for mother earth.

Ready to ignite.

Too scared to close the lights.

Ready to go home.

A bit of the view.

Not so eco friendly.

Filling up.

The cafeteria’s signboard.

Commercial cooking pots.

For VIP guests.

Tea time.

The order counter.

Some entertainment.

The view from the inside.

The pottery shop.

The breakfast. Chai, egg paratha and zalabia