Persona Empathy Mapping Workshop

Case Study

by Nikki Knox (UX Magazine)How to Use Persona Empathy Mapping.

In a recent aviation project we pushed common challenges to the extreme (though not to the point of unbelievable or ridiculous) so that workshop participants could momentarily place themselves into a visceral experience and imagine how somebody else might think and feel in a specific context. We asked workshop participants to complete a worksheet that reflects what Dan (our persona, a pilot for a private commercial jet airline) might feel, think, and do in certain situations.

We asked participants to complete a worksheet reflecting what our persona might feel, think, and do
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Extreme Situation Example: Dan gets to the plane and de-ices it in anticipation of takeoff. He pulls up to the hangar and finds that one of the additional passengers who was supposed to come along suddenly got sick and is currently in the bathroom throwing up.

Empathy Map Format Reference

Empathy map
Photo credit: “Adapting empathy maps for UX design.” Paul Boag (boagworld).



Think and Feel:

  • Will we be able to take off on time?
  • Will everything will work out smoothly?
  • Will the sick passenger can manage to travel?


  • Will the flight be delayed?
  • What causes the sick passenger to throw up?
  • What will be the first aid for the passenger?
  • Will he will be able to get to the flight?


  • First procedure for such cases.
  • Report the case to the control department.
  • Give notification to other passengers if the flight will be delayed.

Say and Do:

  • Still need to prioritize the benefit of other passengers.
  • Get a final status check for the sick passenger.
  • Once everything is clear, do the final check to be ready for take off.


  • The disruption with the flight.
  • Welfare of the sick passenger.
  • Emotional feelings of the other passengers.


  • That will be able to take off on time.
  • To be able to reach the destination smoothly.
  • To be able to give the best service as always with the passengers.
  • To ensure that every passenger gets the proper service needed.

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