Visa Digital Payment Solutions Hackathon

Fri, Nov 25, 2016, 12:00 PM – Sat, Nov 26, 2016, 6:00 PM Dubai, UAE

The Challenge:
The goal is to create a digital payment solution that will have the most impact on the future of Dubai in 32hrs. Visa opened their API’s to leverage at least one Visa Payment Method API to create a digital payment application and Mobile Connect API’s for secure and safe authentication solution.

As UX/UI designer, I got to team up with front-end, back-end developer and quality assurance engineer.

The process:

After all the introductions from the organizer and sponsors, the clock started to tick for the race. First idea that came to my mind was a sensor base payment solution. No need to bring cash or show any card to pay for any transaction in any partnering store. Basically it something like,

Walk to the storeTake an itemLeave the store

The amount will automatically be deducted from the customer’s credit card account using our app which is installed in end-user’s mobile and with the help of sensor technology.

The idea was innovative but we needed to pause and have a second thought because going back to the criteria, the scoring will be based to the following:

  • The idea should be presented in a working demo. No slide-decks or power points will be allowed.
  • 2 minutes presentation and 1 minute Q&A from the judges.
  • Winning teams will be subject to a code-review for validation.
  • Execution, Impact, Creativity, Design and API use will be part of the score point.

The problem we had with the first idea is to how we will manage to execute a working demo with limited amount of time and so we needed to think of something else which is attainable for the specific time.

The second idea that we thought of is a sharing payment solution which we believe is not yet available in Dubai. I will discuss the whole flow in a while.

First, we mapped how the whole app will and should work.
visa flow mapping

After we plotted the application journey thru the sketches, in parallel was for us to think of a name and for me to prepare a logo while the back end guys do the work for the API’s.

Around 11PM, we had these:

Pay4 has the option to:

  • Pay Now, the user directly pays to the merchant.
  • Split Payment, have you ever experience going on a date with your friends and needed to share payments in cash? Either, giving a change or having a large bill is a bit of a problem for your share right? This is where split payment comes in. The user/s can just make their shared payment thru the app.
  • Forward Payment, this option gives the user an option to request for assistance of anyone of user/s family, friends or colleague for the payment transaction being made in case the user is having insufficient fund with his/her account.

Mock up flow:
In the process, please assume that the user already have the Pay4 app. We didn’t show the entire process of downloading or signing up to the app as it will take more time with the presentation. We focuses with the most important thing which is the service itself. Ionic framework was used to create the app but I will just show the application flow of the app which my expertise puts in since the working demo files are not with me.

visa merchant flow

visa paynow flow

visa forward flow

visa split flow

Behind the scene:
The welcome sign.

The sponsors.

The venue.

The essentials.

The freebies.

The shirt?

The prizes + a paid trip to 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Introduction from the sponsors.

Home for almost 32hrs.

Mapping the idea.

This dude will go a long way. His dedication is impressive. Youngest of all and he never closes his eyes even for a sec.

The comfort zone.

Food to keep us energized.

Trying to motivate myself.

He keeps me awake by his masterly brewery skill.

Midnight snack.


The judges.

Finally pitching.

Out of 27 participants, only 19 teams had managed to present their idea and we are the first team to present our solution. Luckily, we didn’t win. The sad part was, most of the winning team was just throwing out the idea with some kind of slide presentation which actually not allowed as we knew. And the first place award was taken by one guy who just pitches the first idea that we had. No working demo. Nothing. He just tossed the process to the judges and viola! F*ck. Still, the whole experience was just worth the time. You will learn a lot of things like team work and dedication. For me, that is more valuable than cash.